The Sims community has many fantastic challenges out there ; and I have my eye on a few of them.   While I’m not a points and score driven person I do love storytelling and a good fun challenge.   I also like anything that keeps me writing. A perfect intersection of interests you say? Why, so do I.

So here we have it;  a blog for Sims challenge stories. (I play Sims3)

So let me see; is there anything else you should know? Well, I can tell you I’m not a professional – and try as I might odds are the grammar may end up lacking but I do at least try. I will not devote myself to any one genre; I’ll do horror when I feel like, drama as the mood strikes me, mystery if it calls to me, romance when and how I want, Sci Fi any time I please, and so on and so forth. I’m not saying I’ll do all of these; and I’m definitely not promising I’ll do any of these well. That’s really up to your own tastes – but I’ll have fun doing and if it’s your kind of thing then maybe you’ll have fun reading it.


What I’m Reading

I have a lot of stories on here that I’m planning on getting to, I’ll be adding them here as I go, but here’s who I’m caught up on and currently reading. (If I follow you and you’re not here, you will be, there’s just a long list and I’m kind of going at random).

The Untouchable Patels

The Hartfields

Queen of Dragons

The Chronicles of Clarke

Loewe Legacy

Lilliana Moonchild : A Legacy of Fame

The Fey of Life


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Gernadia!
    I got to know about your blog in the comments on the brainofivane’s blog 🙂 I am new to The Sims community myself, so I appreciate any good story there is out there! Now I’m going to give a look at yours 😉
    Have a nice day and happy simming!

  2. HI!
    I’m truly sorry you had to let go off your legacy. Some time ago, my game started behaving strangely as well, but it could have been caused by a problem in my operative system, so I completely reinstalled the Windows. For now my game is running OK, the loading times have also shortened. I don’t know what was the exact problem with your game, but maybe this could have helped you too.

    If you send me the link to your new legacy, I’ll be happy to add it on my reading list!

    Have a nice weekend,

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